Pint of Guinness is healthful!Reuters

A new research conducted by the Pennsylvania State University states that drinking a pint of Guinness on a daily basis could aid in preventing deafness. Guinness is one of the most successful beer brands, which is brewed in almost 50 countries. A feature of the product is the burnt flavour that is derived from roasted unmalted barley.

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This beverage is found to be iron-rich and scientists believe that it can keep hearing loss at bay. Another study had recently suggested that green leafy veggies, meat and brown rice are also likely to aid in keeping deafness away.

Experts believe that 30 percent of the world's population is believed to be anaemic, which makes them prone to lose their hearing abilities.

About 30,000 people were analysed in the study which led to the establishment of a link between hearing ability and iron deficiency anemia (IDA), which is found to be very common in women.

Iron deficiency was found to cause sensorinerual hearing loss due to damage caused in the nerve pathways or cochlea.

It was also found that the deficiency of this mineral could also cause conductive hearing loss, which means there is some problem with the bones present in the middle of the ear.

The researchers found the IDA rate with the help of data from the electronic medical records.

The results of this research revealed that around 1.6 percent of the participants were found to be suffering from either sensorinerual or conductive hearing loss and deafness and 0.7 percent of the partakers were likely to be having IDA.

A remarkable link was found between sensorineural hearing loss and IDA, which was found in 1.1 of the participants.

Out of the lot, 3.4 percent of the people had conductive hearing loss. Further research confirmed more chances of having both types of the hearing loss among patients with IDA.

"An association exists between IDA in adults and hearing loss," the study's author, Kathleen Schieffer, was quotes as saying by the Daily Mail.

"The next steps are to better understand this correlation and whether promptly diagnosing and treating IDA may positively affect the overall health status of adults with hearing loss," he added.

Patients in England used to be served Guinness before being operated and the reason behind it used to be its high iron content, Daily Mail reported. But Guinness doesn't claim to provide any such benefits.

Nutritionists, on the other hand, state that compared to the iron intake we need per day, three percent lesser iron is present in the pint.

The drink also has some other health benefits. It is likely to have antioxidant compounds just like the ones we find in fruits and veggies. They lower the process of cholesterol deposition on the artery walls.