Is Pihu movie story based on this real life true incident
Is Pihu movie story based on this real life true incident?Twitter

The movie Pihu, which had grabbed huge attention for its spine-chilling trailer, will be released this Friday. While the trailer was intriguing enough to raise curiosity, the film is being talked about for the real-life story on which it is based on.

After the trailer of Pihu was released, it caught massive attention for the high quotient of thrill attached to it. It showed a two-year-old girl alone in her home while her mother apparently lies dead on the bed.

It showed a number of scary situations wherein the toddler mistakenly locks herself inside a refrigerator, turns on the gas cylinder, walks around the house with broken pieces of glass, and ultimately dangerously leaning from the terrace.

The trailer further made people interested in the film for the disclaimer mentioning that Pihu is based on a real-life incident.

As the makers of the movie did not reveal exactly which real-life incident inspired the film, curious people started searching on Google about it. Keywords like "Pihu true story", "Pihu real-life story" and "pihu movie story based on which real story" have highly been searched on Google.

While International Business Times India could not find any confirmed report on the actual incident that made the basis of Pihu, one news story dated March 2017 appears to be quite close to the storyline of Pihu.

Going by the trailer of Pihu, it appears that the movie is based on an incident that had happened in New York last year. According to a report on NBC New, a three-year-old girl lived with her dead mother inside an apartment for two-three days before being rescued by the police.

The report stated that the child survived only on cereal that was spilled on the floor, while her mother lied dead on the bed. She was rescued by the cops and was hospitalised. The girl was highly dehydrated, but survived, for which she was called survival "remarkable".

Although it is not confirmed if Pihu is based on this incident, there are certainly a lot of similarities between the two.

Directed by Vinod Kapri, Pihu primarily features 2-year-old Myra Vishwakarma playing the lead character.