Pierson Fodé may have played a gay dude in the coming of age dramedy "Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List", but that didn't stop him from sweeping the heroine off her feet. Pierson, who celebrates his 25th birthday on Friday, 6 November, and Victoria Justice, started dating in December 2013, after working together on the film.

Vicotria and Pierson's characters in "Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List" are the titular best friends who make a no-kiss list to protect their friendship. Naomi is in love with her gay best friend, but later both fall for the same guy. It is, for all terms and purposes, a modern day love triangle.

In a recent interview with E! Online, Victoria gushed about how she fell for her co-star. "I met him at the audition and it was cool, we became friends and he's a great guy. He's really sweet. And just a great really tall person."

Victoria further explained to Hollywood Life that they were chilled-out couple whose average date night would entail attending an improv show. "I love going to improv shows. Like going to UCB and it's like super cheap and casual and fun and it's a good ice-breaker," she said. Pierson added that they are a foodie couple who, from the interview, seem to be really into "Netflix and chill".

However they can't always be so low key. After all they are very popular faces. Victoria says although she has had difficulty in the past talking about their personal life, she has learned to cope with it now. "But it's like in this situation I can't really avoid it..It's different. He's great, and I'm glad we get to share this together," she says regarding her relationship with Pierson.

Nonetheless, unlike many celebrity couples, Victoria and Pierson aren't seen sharing a lot of photos with or of each other on social media. When they do, it is "Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List" posters or of press meets. And so, we are not really worried that either of then has not mentioned Pierson's birthday on Instagram.

In fact, Pierson has shared a photo of him with his parents about to zip-line in the celebration of his birthday week. Hopefully, they will share a private birthday celebration and we would be lucky enough to see it be shared by at least one of them. Regardless, happy birthday Pierson Fodé !

Sourced from: E! Online, Hollywood Life