saudi arabia desert
The last time Saudi Arabia received snowfall was in 2015.Reuters

As the entire world deems Saudi Arabia as a nation with scorching Sun, deserts and camels, the locals in a Saudi Arabia beg to differ. The recent images and video that surfaced on social media about a snowstorm at Tabuk region in north-west Saudi Arabia, has taken the Twitter world by 'storm'.

As the area was blanketed with snow, thousands of people rejoiced the rare sight of their hot desert turning into a winter wonderland. The moment it started snowing, people from around the country came to see the rare snowfall which resulted in roads leading to Mount Allouz being jam-packed with vehicles.

The images and videos of the snow storm in the Saudi Arabian desert went viral across all social media platforms. This is the not the first time that the Twitterati couldn't keep calm over snowfall in a desert. Earlier, this month, Sahara Desert received its first snowfall after many years, and the social media could not believe their sight.

The mountainous region of Tabuk witnessed snowfall on 26th of January as people started rejoicing the moment before the snow melted away. As per reports, the peak of Al-Lawz Mountain witnessed children and the elderly enjoying the sliding down the snow-covered dunes and even organized bonfire picnics in the cold.

This is not the first time that Saudi Arabia witnessed a snow storm, as two years ago, the Kingdom witnessed one of its first snow storm that covered 10 cities in the snow.

As per reports on Al Arabiya, the flurry of tourists who came to witness the rare sight prompted the authorities to ensure the safety of the visitors. From health services, traffic to the security of the people, border guards were stationed to ensure the Tabuk region was safe for the enjoying tourists.

Hussein Al-Qahtani, a spokesman for the General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection, told the Saudi Press Agency that a cold-air front would push further towards the northern part of the Kingdom and the snowfall is expected to happen till next week. As per the weather forecasters, the temperatures are expected to drop as low as -2 degree Celcius.