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People in the study, who had genetically lower levels of vitamin D, had 30 percent increased risk of death and 40 percent increased risk of dying from cancer than the others.Sten Dueland/Flickr

With the advancement of technology, we see many bizzare photos going viral on social media every other day. Adding to the league of thousands of such pictures, a Russian woman's sunbathing moments have become the hot topic of discussion for netizens in Russia for some days now after the photos snapped by her neighbours have gone viral on internet.

Getting sun tanned is not something unusual when we see people doing it near beaches or on the balcony or terrace of any building. What makes this unnamed woman from Novosibirsk different is that she prefers to get sun kissed everyday at the window of her apartment at the second floor. In the photos that are doing the rounds on social media, the bikini-clad lady is seen hanging her legs and derriere out the window while sunbathing. 

The latest reports suggest that she does this everyday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and it has raised many concerns among the neighbours, who have reportedly signed a petition against the woman fearing about the impact her action would make on the children staying in the locality. However, it is understood that the petition submitted to the building administrators and local police station went in vain as they haven't taken any measures.

"Going to a beach for a sunbath is so mainstream for this Russian woman [sic]," writes a social media user. Meanwhile, there are few others who seem to be concerned about the safety of the female, as there are chances of her falling out of the window.

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