Up until now, the royal Canandian tour was only about Prince William and Kate Middleton's official engagements, but that changed on Thursday, when Prince George and Princess Charlotte stepped out to attend a children's party held at the Government House in Victoria.

Shy at first, the kids got comfortable around people soon after. While Princess Charlotte was overwhelmed with the balloon structures, Prince George was visibly thrilled to have been able to fire a bubble gun at his sister. Also, she said her first ever word — pop — at the party. Along with the royals, the event was also attended by the families of Military Family Resource Centre and members of a non-profit organisation that supports military people.

On the final day — October 1 — of their visit, Prince William and Kate Middleton aren't slowing down. Before a send-off at Victoria Harbour Airport, British Columbia, the couple will travel to the The Cridge Centre for the Family and a pit-stop at a local cafe to interact with families that have been helped by the Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre, which is a resource centre that provides resources and support to people of British Columbia.