The third instalment of the "Bridget Jones" romantic comedy series, "Bridget Jones' Baby" will be released on Friday, Sept. 16. However, ahead of that, the comical foray of Bridget Jones into motherhood got a world premiere at the Leicester Square in London on Monday, Sept. 5.

The film's main cast — Renee Zellweger, Colin Firth and Patrick Dempsey — arrived at the premiere with their families, along with actors Emma Thompson, James Callis, Sally Phillips, singers Ellie Goulding, Jamelia Niela Davis and other stars associated with the project. The film has already received some feedback from critics and while the overall response is positive, the movie seems to have made no huge impact.

In "Bridget Jones' Baby," everyone's favourite British publishing executive has entered her 40s. She is still single, but is facing the challenges of motherhood, with no conclusive theory on who the father is – Mark Darcy (Firth) or Jack Qwant (Dempsey). Both men try their best to woo her yet again.

Variety says that "Bridget Jones' Baby" does not quite "hit the heights of the first film, it's a marked improvement on the second." Calling the film a mixed bag, the website writes that "Zesty and really rather good one-liners skewering such modern cultural phenomena as 'glamping' ("calling him Gladolf Hitler wouldn't suddenly make us forget all the unpleasantness") sit alongside limper offerings such as the stale observation that people now put pictures of their lunch on Instagram."

Meanwhile, the Hollywood Reporter offers silver lining in the fact that "Bridget Jones' Baby" is "less dismal than usual reboot of an ageing franchise." The film is compared to a high school reunion wherein "everyone attending seems to be secretly bearing a grudge that everyone else bullied them back in the day, but they're too proud not to attend."

Check out the official trailer for "Bridget Jones' Baby" here: