While smartphone cameras have come a long way in terms of image quality and resolution, not much has changed in the way we shoot, believes Miggo, a company that produces photo accessories. Miggo's latest Kickstarter campaign is for the iPhone and it has produced what it calls the best camera grip probably produced.

Miggo's Pictar is apparently one that can be expected to last a lot longer than Apple's smartphone life cycle. Capable of supporting past and future models of the iPhone, barring the iPhone 6 plus and the 6s plus, according to Miggo, the Pictar attaches to the iPhone and lends the iPhone the kind of features normally found in high-end cameras.

Using the grip requires users to slip their iPhones into the grip and apparently the half-open design is to allow for the use of clip-on lenses. Unlike most camera grips, that rely on Bluetooth to establish a link with a phone, the Pictar reportedly uses ultrasonic sound to communicate. The photos are typically clicked using the Pictar app, which features advanced shooting modes like manual and shutter priority.

The grip itself comprises four points of control: the shutter button, which when half-pressed focuses the image; the zoom ring allows users to manually operate the camera's digital zoom feature; the ring when pushed switches between the main camera and front camera; and finally, the two dials allow users to control exposure.

The grip also features a mounting point for external lights or microphones and at the bottom is a standard tripod mount.

The Pictar can be backed and pre-ordered via Miggo's Kickstarter and carries a minimum price tag of $90, with an expected shipping date in the final week of November 2016.