While selfie cams are one of the primary specs buyers lookout for while purchasing a new phone, apps to enhance selfie experience have garnered global attention. Owing to the trend, a company based in Texas has developed an app called Picpal that lets you take selfies with friends regardless of their geographical location.

Even if you are thousands of miles apart, Picpal brings together everyone at the same time to form a selfie collage. The interesting concept is bound to succeed among selfie lovers.

Picpal, developed by MyndBee, a company co-founded by an Indian-American Mahesh Rajagopalan, allows users to send up to three invites at a time. These invites have a 15-minute cap, before which your friends must respond with a selfie that will be a part of the collage. In case your friend fails to respond to your invite within the given time, the collage expires.

After accepting the invite, users can retake selfies and also edit them using the inbuilt tools.

"With Picpal, we've created an authentic experience, connecting friends and families more intimately in real-time, no matter where they are," Rajagopalan said, according to First Tech Post.

After making a selfie collage, users can share them with others on Facebook, Instagram and even WhatsApp. Users must register on Picpal using their Facebook account and can invite friends via Facebook or WhatsApp. The selfie collage will appear within the Picpal app, where users can "heart" and comment on them.

Picpal is available as a free download for Android and iOS smartphones.