Piaggio India is all set to launch three more Motoplex stores in India in addtion to the Pune store launched recently. The new stores will be functional by March 2016, reports The Economic Times.

The Motorplex store is a single platform for the sale of Vespa, Aprilia and Moto Guzzi brands under the Piaggio group.

The Motoplex stores promises to be more than just a regular dealership outlet. In addition to sale of the three brands of Piaggio, the Motoplex store also stocks accessories that include riding gear and brand memorabilia. The Motoplex stores also features the coffee bar in typical Italian style, a similar concept which we are familiar with the Fiat Caffe dealerships, another Italian brand.

The first Motoplex Store was launched in Pune, which is known for its biking communities, on 3 November. The upcoming stores are also expected to start motorcycle enthusiast hubs. The Motoplex flagship store is aligned with the new global in-store experience that the Piaggio Group is developing in major metropolitan cities around the world. The group recently opened stores in Milan, New York City, Shanghai and Beijing.

"The Motoplex store is a futuristic concept that enables a dealer to leverage more brands and products within the same retail space. Not only is this a showroom for Vespa, Moto Guzzi, Aprilia and Piaggio motorcycles and scooters, but it is also a fascinating experience of the renowned style, technology and heritage of two-wheeled vehicles which are proudly 'Made in Italy'. We'll launch more of these stores in the future, all over the Subcontinent," Stefano Pelle, Managing Director of Piaggio India, had said at the launch of the Pune store.