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Access to toilets in India has been making headlines ever since the Modi government launched the Swachh Bharat Campaign. Among Indian states, Kerala (96.19%) has the highest number of rural households with access to toilets. However, other South Indian states like Tamil Nadu (51.68%) and Karnataka (52.33%) are just above average, while Andhra Pradesh (34.68%) and Telangana (39.19%) are below average. The Northern and North Eastern states in the Himalayan belt have higher number of rural households with access to toilets. Himachal Pradesh (82.95%), Haryana (78.15%), Punjab (75.70%) and Uttarakhand (77.59%) fall in the top quarter among North Indian states, while North-Eastern states like Sikkim (95.37%), Mizoram (78.15%), Meghalaya (71.05%), Manipur (68.93%) and Tripura (66.91%) also fall in the top half. However, Eastern Indian states like Odisha (14.98%), Bihar (23.17%) and Jharkhand (33.64%) have the least access to toilets. Larger states like Rajasthan (37.56%), Uttar Pradesh (40.51%) and Madhya Pradesh (35.37%) also fall in the bottom half of the list. Credit: KBK