Dia Mirza and Kunal Kapoor appreciate Amin Rozani Spartan Pokers Charitable work

November 10, 2016 19:46 IST 1 of 2
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Amin Rozani, The Managing Director of Spartan Poker, is one of the most influential and unmissable personalities of the Indian Poker industry today! It seems that this mathematical mind set Rozani as India's best Poker Consultant. His involvement in the Poker business has covered all aspects from running Poker rooms, being a part of online Poker websites, heading the biggest Poker room in the country & now making it available online too. "Online Poker in this country is here to stay. One can easily see the upward trajectory this industry is on since it began 5-6 years ago and I don't believe this will ever go down," said Rozani. Credit: PR Handout