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With VIVO Pro Kabaddi League Season VI player auctions just a week away, the excitement around the event is on the rise. Three legends from the world of cricket, Brett Lee, Irfan Pathan and Darren Sammy took up the Kabaddi challenge and headed out in their kabaddi gear for an exciting match. The three players built their teams with junior Kabaddi stars and were pitted against each other. All three of them had a great time experiencing kabaddi, Darren Sammy, who was playing Kabaddi for the first time said, "I have watched Kabaddi on television and wondered why they kept saying Kabaddi Kabaddi and today I finally know, I would love for Kabaddi to be played back home, because the game is so exciting and gives the player an adrenaline rush." Talking about the similarity between Cricket and Kabaddi, Irfan Pathan said, "Playing a game of Kabaddi is very similar to playing a T20 match, there is something new happening every second and playing the game gives you a high altogether, especially when a raid is successful and the player is out."
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The VIVO Pro Kabaddi League player auctions, are scheduled to take place on the 30th and 31st of May 2018 in Mumbai and will witness teams strategizing to build their strongest teams. A total of 422 players are drafted into the auction pool of which 58 are Overseas players and 87 are players from the Future Kabaddi Heroes Programme (FKH), a nationwide talent scouting programme. The auctions will witness player representation from 14 other countries, including Iran, Bangladesh, Japan, Kenya, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Sri Lanka. Catch these legends hit the Kabaddi mat on 23rd May, 2018 at 5:15pm in English and 5:55pm in Hindi on Star Sports network.