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Steveo Steveo has his a tattoo of himself on his back. Makes no sense right? But for Stevo it does. He has the lines - “Yeah dude, I rock!” Credit: Getty images
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Sophia Bush She has a weird tattoo that resembles a wifi signal. Seems like that is too important for her, and her devices. Credit: Getty images
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Shia LaBeouf He has a tattoo of the 071 Crew on his fingers. Maybe that's a shoutout to Bakersfield, California. Credit: Getty images
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Scarlett Johansson If you look at the Black Widow's tattoo, it will seem like it has been drawn by a toddler. The tattoo literally looks like that. And honestly, that takes some guts. Credit: Getty images
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Pamela Anderson Remember 'Barbed Wire', Pamela did a tattoo on her forearm about a tattoo that resembles a barbed wire and but, alas that tattoo has faded. Credit: Getty images
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Mike Tyson The boxers tattoo has become more popular than, like can you imagine Mike Tyson without that tribal art on his face. It's on his face! On the face! Like how drunk was he when he got the tattoo? Credit: Getty images
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Mena Suvari Mena Suvari has a weird sized tattoo on his back that reads, "Word Sound Power.” Credit: Getty images
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Melanie Griffith Melanie Griffith's tattoo lasted longer than Antonio Banderas who left her. Here's a thing - don't get your partner's tattoo until you have lived for eternity. Credit: Getty images
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Megan Fox The 'Transformers' actress had a tattoo of Marlyn Monroe on her hand, which she later removed it because she found out that she had bipolar disorder. On top of that, she has Shakespeare's quote on her back that does not read right. Credit: Getty images
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Louis Tomlinson This One Direction star has a tattoo of tic-tac-toe on his forearm. What is that supposed to mean? Credit: Getty images
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Hayden Panettiere Hayden Panettiere’s tattoo says “live without regrets,” but regret is misspelt. Hahaha! Credit: Getty images
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David Beckham The tattoo with Victoria Beckham's name written in Hindi is misspelt. Credit: Getty images
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Christina Ricci Christina Ricci’s back has a funny-looking lion. That just goes with her cute face. Credit: Getty images
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Birdman Birdman's face is filled with tattoos, his face does not have one space that does not have ink on it. Credit: Getty images
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Bai Ling Okay, maybe Bai Ling’s tattoo of a cheetah chasing a rose is not that bad, unless that cheetah looked like a cheetah. But alas! What can happen now. Credit: Getty images