Wacky Wheels
A worker test drives a car in the shape of heels on a road in Hyderabad.Reuters

MTV's Pimp My Ride (first aired in 2004) came with a simple concept of transforming beat-up cars into mean machines. But, these designers, and in some cases extremely enthused individuals, let their creative juices flow a little longer than necessary, in the process creating some really wacky looking wheels.

Ever thought of cruising around busy streets in a vehicle that resembled a shoe or a chameleon? The idea sounds bizarre, but clearly these gentlemen will not agree.

Indian car designer K Sudhakar made a cigarette-shaped car and another one which appeared as if a billiards board had been jammed into the front of the car. Car manufacturing company Ford took the Lego frenzy a bit too far when they made a Ford Explorer, using over 380,000 Lego blocks. Assuming non-operational, a car has been modified into a street garden of sorts; the engine has made way for a bed of saplings.