The Norwegian police have found hundreds of photos of Isis executions, severed heads and Daesh flags on the mobiles phones of refugees entering the country, reports said.

The border police also found Isis flags and other symbols belonging to the Sunni terrorist group from the luggage of the migrants entering Norway.

The Norwegian Police Immigration Service (PU), in recent months has been dealing with a sudden surge in the number of refugees and migrants entering the country.

According to Nettavisen, a Norwegian online newspaper, the PU personnel found several disturbing photos of dead children and other victims of Isis.

The presence of the disturbing photos on the mobile phones has set the alarming bells ringing for the security agencies, sparking fears that Isis might be trying to smuggle in its terrorists.

Most recently, the US Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) released a 17-page intelligence report claiming that the Isis terrorists may have the ability to print its authentic looking passports, which can then used by its fighters to cross into Europe.

According to Dubai based Al Aan TV, the Isis supporters also have been using passports stolen from Americans, Britishers, Frenchmen and Israelis to smuggle in its fighters.

Despite the fears, the Norwegian officials working with the asylum-seekers, but have said that there could be an "innocent" explanation for the refugees found with Isis photos.

"There are several reasons why there may be such images. One is that they could have been a witness and want to show people what they have seen. Alternatively, they could have been carrying symbols associated with terror groups which they were passing through. Although it may look alarming, there may be other explanations rather than support for terrorist organizations," said Erik Haugland, the head of Norway's asylum programme.

Since November, Norway has toughened its asylum rules, in some cases it also has been paying refugees nearly US$10,000 and free flights to return back home, according to Russia Today.