Photos of Arsenal's third kit were leaked, after the club reportedly put up pictures of the shirt on their website.

Arsenal and Puma are set to launch the third kit for the season later this week – expected to be on Thursday -- but some of the Arsenal fans, while going through the shopping part of the Arsenal website, stumbled into pictures of the third kit that were put up, ready for sale.

Puma and the Gunners have already launched the home kit and the first-choice away kit for the season. The first-choice away kit has polarised opinion, with the gold and blue not to everyone's liking.

Meanwhile, Arsene Wenger admitted his team cannot afford too many more slipups like the one against West Ham, when an insipid performance led to a 2-0 loss.

"I knew before the game that it would be tricky," Wenger told Arsenal Player. "We were not convincing going forward or defending.

"On top of that we were very naive. With the experience we have in our defence and our goalkeeper, the way we have given the goals away means that we can only blame ourselves.

"In a way that is difficult to understand because if you don't win a game, you don't want to lose it the way we lost it -- just before and just after half-time.

"After it was difficult because we had to come back to 2-1 at least and we couldn't because it was laboured, it was not sharp, it was not agile, it was not quick.

"I knew we had a very difficult schedule from the start, especially with West Ham playing Europa League for their preparation and that is why we have to be on our toes very quickly and respond very well now."

Arsenal play their second English Premier League game against Crystal Palace on Sunday.