New update for Twitter on Android makes it easier to share pictures.Twitter Blog

Twitter has made it much easier and simpler to share photos on Android devices, by bringing in a new update.

The official Twitter blog post, dated 27 Januaray, suggests the update has already has gone live on Android and will follow soon on iOS.

The update will make it smother for users to share and edit photos from the Twitter app on Android devices. They can rotate the pictures, crop them to wide or square aspects, before it is shared. It also prompts people to mention the names of friends, so that they can also see the picture.

This update also enables users to show recommended tweets to people when they refresh the page, by pulling down the home timeline if there are no new tweets. It will also show trending topics and suggestions for new accounts to follow.

The US Twitter users will also be able to get updates on TV, sports and news events.

This new update follows a series of changes being made in Twitter, to highlight its photo sharing feature

It was since October 2013 that photos and short videos via Vines started showing up on timelines of Twitter users. In December, the company also opened photo sharing through direct messaging. Later that same month, another update from Twitter prompted users' photo gallery to appear first, when they start to compose a Tweet.

The company has been pushing for its users to use more pictures ever since apps like Snapchat and Instagram have become successful picture apps, which are concentrated more on photos.