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Radhika Apte suffers from agoraphobia in her film Facebook

Radhika Apte's thriller flick "Phobia" has impressed Bollywood celebrities who have watched it at the special screening held on May 25. The makers are reportedly planning a sequel of it and the subject will be fear of flying.

"When I narrated the idea of 'Phobia' to Eros International, I had the first and second movie in mind conceptually. I know in what space I want to do the second film but I don't have a proper story in place," director Pavan Kripalani told the Press Trust of India.

"One of the things that I am most petrified of is of flying. I have fear of flying and I think lot of people have it. People are worried about the germs that we hear are being spread, terrorism, plane getting hijacked or disappearing or malfunctioning and crashing," he added.

In "Phobia", Radhika's character Mehak is an artist trapped in her own house and can neither go outdoors nor stay indoors. She suffers from agoraphobia — an extreme or irrational fear of open or public places.

The actress is known for delivering powerful performances in several movies and short films, including "Badlapur," "Manjhi – The Mountain Man" and the short film "Ahalya." And it looks like "Phobia" will be one of the most intense roles Radhika has played on screen to date.

"Phobia" is the first psychological thriller of Radhika's career, and it has impressed Bollywood celebs. The stars have shared their reviews on social media and praised the film, calling it a "must-watch" and "mindblowing."

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