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Pharrell Williams will celebrate his 43rd birthday Tuesday, April 5, 2016. The rapper has won several awards for many of his songs, but one song that made him really popular and everyone's favourite was the "Happy" song from the film "Despicable Me 2." 

Well, this American rapper, singer and producer needs no introduction, but do you know where he used to work or how he got recognised?

On his birthday, we decided to compile a list of some interesting facts about the "Happy" singer.

- Pharrell was brought to light by musician and producer Teddy Riley in a high school talent show.

- Back when he was still in school, he had the nickname "Skateboard P." Though his brother has gone on to become a pro skateboarder, Pharrell chose otherwise.

- Before becoming famous, the rapper worked in McDonald's, and got fired from three different branches. And he has once confessed that when he applied in the fourth one, the others called them up and pleaded not to hire him since he burnt burgers and stole nuggets.

- Interestingly, he lost virginity at the age of 16, to a McDonald's co-worker.

- Pharrell was a part of his school's marching band.

- Pharrell has many of his tattoos removed because he said that he was 'young and stupid' when getting them done.

- He got married to his longtime girlfriend in a secret ceremony, which was private and included only 50 people, including family and friends.

- He has named his son Rocket man Williams after the Elton John song.

- Pharrell was almost sued by for starting up brand i am OTHER.

- Pharrell has his own record label Star Trak, a reference to his love of "Star Trek."

- He has a charity called From Hand To Another, which aims at raising money for children aged between seven and 20 living in the US at risk.

- In 2008, Pharrell designed a jewellery line named Blason. He has also designed glasses for the Louis Vuitton brand.

There could be no better way than to get grooving to some of the best Pharrell Williams songs on his birthday.

- Happy

- Get Lucky

- Blurred Lines

- Frontin'

- Drop It Like It's Hot

- Hot In Herre

- Money Maker

- Rock Your Body

- Milkshake

- Excuse Me Miss