Pakistan School Attack
A soldier escorts schoolchildren after they were rescued from from the Army Public School that is under attack by Taliban gunmen in Peshawar, December 16, 2014.Reuters

Despite Taliban gunmen taking responsibility for the deadly attack at a military-run school in northwestern Pakistan, where over 100 school children were killed, many Pakistanis are still blaming India for the 'massacre.'

The most prominent among these accusations seems to have stemmed from the Pakistani security analyst Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid, who blamed India for the horrendous terror attack in the school in Peshawar.

"India, we will NOT forgive you for this atrocity ! You chose the day of December 16th to rub it in. We stand firm, united & will crush you !," the 50-year-old security analyst lashed out on Twitter.

Later when the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) claimed responsibility for the incident, Hamid posted a series of angry posts stating that India was funding the terrorist organisation. He also said in another post that all the prisoners of the TTP should be taken out of the jail and hanged from Peshawar to Karachi.

Hamid later even put up a blog post calling on the readers for a "ruthless response" against the group that is funded by India.

Soon many others joined in with Hamid to blame India for the Peshawar attack. A Pakistani national ‏@imran_sidra tweeted: "It was brutality by India on 16 Dec 1971..Its brutality once again by indian agents today on 16 Dec 2014 #PeshawarAttack #IndianTaliban"

Another Pakistani national blamed the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. "#PeshawarAttack Definately India Is Behind All these Coward Attacks. Curse on lives of those who send Sareeyan to Narindar Modee's Mother," said Ahmad Sadaqat ‏@ahmad_sadaqat.

A Twitter user, Mudassar ‏@wahlasahb, posted, "India is enemy and will always be... but we are being more stunk by our politicians and Ulma's. #PeshawarAttack."

Meanwhile, Nosheen Safdar ‏@NosheenSafdar1 blamed both India and Afghanistan for the Peshawar attack. "Two Countries are directly involve in this attack which are #India & #Afghanistan.#PeshawarAttack," he tweeted. 

Reflecting the widely practised anti-India sentiment, HawkEye ‏@MyBoo911 tweeted: "IEDs planted by terrorists IN SCHOOL r made in #India #PeshawarAttack God bless #Pakistan."