Konami has officially announced
Konami has officially announced Twitter/officialpes

"PES 2017," the upcoming football simulation video game from Konami, boasts of some new gameplay content like Real Touch, Precise Pass, Goal Keeping, Advanced Instructions, Total Team Control, Corner Kick Control, Adaptive AI, Authentic Visuals, Natural Player Movement.

It also has some new myClub modes like Scout, Analysis and new Tutorials. There is more to the game, as noted on its official website. "PES 2017" is expected to be released sometime in 2016.

Several gaming blogs had the chance to have hands-on experience of "PES 2017" during the E3 2016 and here are some of the points that were pointed out in GameSpot:

  • More realistic form of soccer, dedicated to realism.
  • Focused on creating semblance to what is seen on TV.
  • Tries to replicate "fundamental building blocks of team play."
  • New advanced tactics system lets players decide on the direction the team takes with options for possession and chasing styles of play.
  • D-pad can be assigned defencive or attacking systems.
  • It also includes "attacking full backs" approach, where the forward players will be able to drop inside to receive the ball from wide. There is also the option of "false fullbacks" in the game.
  • The game has various options that players can choose from when there is a penalty.
  • Features revamped AI.
  • Key improvements to goalkeepers.
  • Launch day patch to take into account the latest transfers.

Below are some points pointed out by Videogamer:

  • Iterative changes than before.
  • Features tweaks to defender, passes and Player ID systems.
  • Defenders can "read threats reduce the deployment of reliable cheat goals."
  • "Delighting" to control offencive players.
  • Demo teams included Germany, France, Arsenal and Atletico.
  • Better blended animations.
  • Features new and improved character models.