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UPDATE 1:45 p.m. IST -- "PES 2016" Data Pack 3 will reportedly go live for some of the players. Many fans took to Twitter to announce it. However, one Twitter user said that the update is not working on Xbox One. 


"PES 2016," the football simulation video game from developer Konami, is all set to welcome a new Data Pack 3, something that has got the fans visibly excited as the Data Pack will be adding the UEFA Euro 2016 mode to the game. Data Pack 3 is scheduled to be released March 24. 

Though there is no confirmation from fans or on "PES 2016's" official Twitter account, the online portal for the game has shared some information. "Patch files" on the website carried possible details of the new patch:

  • The [UEFA EURO 2016] mode will be available when DataPack 3.0 is released.
  • The issues below have been fixed.


  • Although [Through Ball Type] is set to [Advanced], the pass distance sometimes shortens.


  • The side settings could be made in a DIVISIONS (SIM) match.

[Master League]

  • The team that rented a player had to pay an annual salary for that loan player.

Meanwhile, Adam Bhatti, global product manager for the series, has revealed some details on Data Pack 3 in his interview to Squawka.

He said that to "acknowledge" the mistake of not updating the squads, the company wanted to do something "significant." Fifteen of the tournament's 24 teams are licensed, but "PES 2016" will beat it with an active Edit mode. He said that some of the licenses and stadiums were kept out because of licensing issues as some were owned by the club that had partnered with "FIFA."

However, there were nine unlicensed teams whose kits looked close to reality, Bhatti said. He added, "You've got the official ball and all the ad boards, the Stade de France, and there's a single-player tournament."

The UEFA Euro 2016 DLC will see the addition of nearly 200 faces, which are all based on all the teams in the Euros, Bhatti further said, calling it the "biggest ever face update pack." As many as 11 players will be added to the Russian side, eight to Wales and 10 to the England national squad. He also promised "fantastic photo-realistic faces."

Bhatti also promised, "Every single player in the tournament will be in the squads." The starting line-up will be "extremely strong."

Nevertheless, he acknowledged the frustration fans feel due to less content, but revealed that the game cannot go too far in some areas due to license restrictions.

UEFA Euro 2016 DLC will contain official kits and player likenesses for 15 officially licensed teams that are participating in the tournament.

Players must note that a standalone disc version of UEFA Euro 2016 will be released for PlayStation platforms, and current "PES 2016" owners will be able to enjoy the new UEFA Euro 2016 DLC for free, on all consoles.