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Latest rumours suggest Season 5 of CBS' sci-fi drama "Person of Interest" will be its last. Michael Emerson, the lead actor of the series, said in an interview viewers would be offered a "finale feeling" in the fifth season.

Talking to Comic Book Resources, Emerson said: "I feel like we kind of wrap things up every season. And so I think we'll kind of continue in that same vein, maybe with a hint more 'finale' feeling."

However, Emerson clarified afterwards that the story of the series might lead to new elements. "Because we don't know if it's the end of 'Person of Interest' as we know it or not," he said.

Greg Plageman, executive producer of the series, explained in the same interview that the series has a recurring feel for every season "where every season finale felt like it could have been a series finale. And this year will be no different."

In a press conference during the Television Critics Association winter pass tour, CBS president Glen Geller said fans can expect the Season 5 premiere this spring. When asked whether the season would be the series' last, he said he was unsure about it as the show hadn't aired yet.

However, agreeing with Emerson and Plageman, Geller said Season 5 could be considered the final season of "Person of Interest." As reported by TV Line, he teased: "The fans will be very satisfied. Show-runners Greg and Jonah Nolan have made a very compelling arc — big, big surprises this season."

Fearing the show might end with the fifth season, fans have filed a petition at to request the creators to continue the show. The petition has been signed by 26,000 supporters till now.