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The titles of all episodes for the upcoming season of CBS' science fiction drama series "Person of Interest" have been leaked online and according to reports, Season 5 won't be aired in the summer of 2016, contrary to several rumours that surfaced on the Internet previously.

After CBS released winter list of its upcoming shows, "Person of Interest" was not there and fans speculated that the next season of the series had been cancelled. However, the recent updates regarding Season 5 suggest that production work is underway at present.

Though not much has been revealed about the upcoming episodes, the next season has reportedly been confirmed by CBS. According to Crossmap, here are the titles of the episodes from "Person of Interest" Season 5:

Episode 1-B. S. O. D.
Episode 2-SNAFU
Episode 3- Truth Be Told
Episode 4- ShotSeeker
Episode 7- 6,741
Episode 10-The Day the World Went Away
Episode 11- Synecdoche
Episode 12- .exe
Episode 13- Return 0

It is clear from the list that CBS has reduced the number of ordered episodes from the usual 22-23 episodes a season to 13 for Season 5.

Fans have been dreading for a long time that CBS might cancel the fifth season of "Person of Interest" as there has been no official confirmation either from CBS or the creators of the show lately. However, with the leaked titles of the episodes, there is a significant possibility that they will get to see the next season for sure.

Even if Season 5 sees the light of the day, there is a very rare possibility that CBS will move ahead with Season 6 as it has already cut down the number of episodes for Season 5.