In the upcoming episode titled "A More Perfect Union" of CBS' science-fiction series "Person of Interest" Season 5, it seems the Machine will help in the marriage of a couple while Fusco (Kevin Chapman) will suspect that Finch (Michael Emerson) and Reese (Jim Caviezel) are hiding something from him.

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According to the synopsis of the episode by Yibada: "The Machine sends Reese and Finch to a wedding to protect a pair of POIs before their nuptials. Also, Fusco becomes angry at being kept in the dark by the team and takes it upon himself to investigate a string of missing person reports on 'Person of Interest,' 'A More Perfect Union,' on May 23 on CBS."

According to the teaser photos, Finch will be seen in the upcoming episode in his best wedding clothes as he and Reese will attend the marriage ceremony in order to protect the POIs. In another picture, Fusco can be seen on his own as he is determined to find the whereabouts of missing person reports.

Fusco can also be seen investigating an audio or video tape while Root visits the station. Fusco is suspicious of something and he continues looking for more clues.

John Nolan and James Le Gros will return as Greer and Bruce Moran along with Oakes Fegley in "A More Perfect Union." The guest cast for the episode includes Purva Bedi as Maggie, Sarah Wilson as Phoebe, Kati Rediger as Janna, Christina Bennett Lind as Karen, Russell G Jones as Howard, Tom Wiggin as Kent, Mark Delabarre as Officiant, Daniel Abeles as Will, Brian J Carter as a medical tech and Dan Puck as Beefcake.