CBS' science-fiction series "Person of Interest" will come to an end with Season 5 finale, which will be titled "return 0," Harond Finch will go rogue and along with Reese, Shaw and Fusco, he will try to stop the Samaritan from destroying the Machine and manipulating the humankind.

Talking about the finale and number of people dying in the series so far, Michael Emerson, who plays the character of Finch, told TV Line: "You have to have casualties to give it gravity. That's the only way that writers can say that these things have consequences that these decisions have cost. To tell you the truth, I'm not sure who is left standing, until I see it [Tuesday] night. But I'm always the one that has a bunch of questions after I see a finished episode, like, 'Is that what that means?' Sometimes I have to replay them just to make sure that I'm getting what they're putting out there!"

Emerson further said that several scenes were changed after additional music was added to the finale.

"I had read the [series finale] script of course and acted in the scenes, but things change a little bit when they get cut and music is added, and they highlight the things they want highlighted and bury the things they want buried. That's one of the interesting aspects of the job and one of the reasons why I always watch the finished episodes."

The recent episodes of the series were dark-themed, especially after Root's death. In the meantime, Emerson also talked about if he will be doing another season of "Person of Interest," as reported by Cinema Blend.

"If they said to me, 'We want Person of Interest to keep going but we're only going to do 10 or 12 [episodes],' I'd say, 'Sign me up.' But I can't do 22 again. I think people always expect me to be broken up about things coming to an end, but we were so tired in December, I couldn't even have imagined coming back after the new year and shooting more."