Hyundai Tucson N
Hyundai Tucson Night edition (representational image)Hyundai

Korean car maker Hyundai is reportedly planning to launch a high-performance version of the Tucson SUV with the help of its high-performance sub-brand N. The sub-division is currently working on the i30N, a hot hatch rivalling Volkswagen Golf GTI and Ford Focus ST. After this, the Tucson N variant is in consideration.

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"If you look at the Tucson today it is very relaxed, very comfortable to drive, but to have an N version requires a lot of power, nice transmission, nice handling, sportier tyres and lowered body," Drive quoted boss of the N division, Albert Biermann. "The cars are out there and we can have a very good business with SUVs. We have a good platform with the Tucson to make a high-performance SUV," former head of BMW's high-performance M brand added.

Biermann has already confirmed the development of i30N and a Fastback (next gen Veloster most probably) will follow. He is open to the concept of performance variants of every Hyundai car models and said "The fun-to-drive element is not limited to the size and segment of the car; you can create fun cars in every segment."

Surprisingly Hyundai has no plans to launch N badged variants to the upcoming Genesis luxury model range. The N division treated Genesis cars had been rumoured to take on the likes of volume-drivers; BMW M, Mercedes-AMG and Audi Sport.

Hyundai Tucson Night edition
Hyundai Tucson Night editionHyundai

Hyundai is also planning to unveil its new compact SUV named Kona in the coming days. This small SUV is also tipped to get N division's performance upgrades on a later stage for select markets.

Hyundai India currently sells regular Tucson SUV in the country. The N division amplified Tucson model is not expected in India since the demand for such vehicles is thin in India.