TERIFLIX mini theater
TERIFLIX mini theaterFacebook/Teriflix

The popularity of online-streaming services, especially Netflix, has grown significantly in India. The affordable internet rates for high-speed 4G in India shot the country's data consumption through the roof, as users watched more videos than before.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other media-streaming services gained a lot with this change in user behaviour in India. Owing to that popularity, a Bengaluru-based startup called TERIFLIX came up with an idea to provide the perfect destination for people to "Netflix and chill." Not just Netflix, the startup added Amazon Prime into the mix.

The first mini-theatre accommodates up to 18 people, and it allows customers to login to their own Netflix account to stream desired shows or movies using TERIFLIX's 100Mbps internet. The theatre is located in Girinagar, and it can be rented on an hourly basis for Rs 1,299. And if a group of 18 people rents the mini-theatre for an hour, it works out at around Rs 70 per head - cheaper than a pint of beer you'd pay in Bengaluru.

TERIFLIX mini theater

The Netflix mini-theatre has a 135-inch Full HD projector screen and Dolby Atmos sound system. The theatre utilises amplifiers, speaker systems, acoustic materials, air conditioning and DLP projectors for high-quality viewing experience.

TERIFLIX founders Prashanth and Praveen Udupa founded the startup in 2017 to capitalise on the popularity of on-demand content streaming. This is the first-of-its-kind approach, and its success can pave for similar initiatives.

"We're creatingmarketof renting out theater than buying tickets. We are trying to alter customers' buying behavior from one of 'buying tickets' to that of 'renting a theatre'. We are creating this whole new market. This will obviously take time. The response has been truly heartening," the founders told NewsBytes.

TERIFLIX mini theater founders
TERIFLIX founders Praveen (L) and Prashanth Udupa (R) pictured inside their TERIFLIX mini-theater hall.Facebook/ Badarinath Venkatesh of Badarinath Photography

The founders are also working to add more such theatres across Benagluru and bring on-board other media streaming service providers such as Hotstar.

TERIFLIX can also be rented by independent filmmakers to showcase their movies, provided all copyrights are cleared. Customers booking the mini-theatre must know that pirated content playback is not allowed at TERIFLIX.