Eva Green
The Season 3 premiere of Reuters

Season 3 episode 7 of Showtime's "Penny Dreadful" will bring a lot of the key members of the horror drama back to England, and it will finally feature the much-anticipated reunion of Vanessa and Ethan.

The two have been battling their own demons till now, but in the promo for the upcoming episode Ethan is shown expressing a desire to return to England to the woman he loves. "There was a woman in my life. That woman offered me her heart, a woman I love, and I walked away," Ethan tells Kaetenay in the promo for the episode titled "Ebb Tide."

A scene from the promo also shows Vanessa and Ethan embracing, but she then confesses it might be too late to save her. The next scene is of a window shattering as Dracula attacks.

It is not immediately known if their reunion is a happy one, especially as Vanessa is currently involved with Dr Sweet aka Dracula. Eva Green's character is yet to learn Dr Sweet's true identity, but it looks like she'll come across shocking information in the coming episode, thanks to her new pal Catriona. Viewers can also expect an interesting love triangle between Dr Sweet, Vanessa and Ethan.

"The pull between Ethan and Vanessa is so strong. She genuinely falls in love with Dr Sweet, and why wouldn't she? It's a challenging situation for her," showrunner John Logan told Entertainment Weekly in an earlier interview.

"Penny Dreadful" Season 3 episode 7 airs June 12 on Showtime. The episode can also be watched online via live stream on Showtime.com and Showtimeanytime.com

The synopsis for the episode reads: "Kaetenay has a vision of impending doom; Frankenstein and Jekyll get help from an unlikely foe; the Creature finally gains courage; Vanessa learns an awful truth."