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Showtime's dark drama "Penny Dreadful" returns for Season 3 Sunday, May 1, and fans will see Eva Green's Vanessa dealing with a new threat all alone as her companions – Ethan, Sir Malcolm and Dr. Frankenstein – are all away facing their own demons.

The season premiere will see Vanessa under Seward's treatment, and Ethan, who is now a prisoner, is away on a train speeding through the desert of the American West. Sir Malcolm [Timothy Dalton] is in Zanzibar and he meets a Native American who shares a deep connection with Josh Hartnett's Ethan. Lastly, Dr. Frankenstein [Harry Treadaway] is in London and he will get in touch with his old friend, Dr. Jekyll, the synopsis stated.

However, they won't be apart for long. According to showrunner John Logan, the show will explore how these core characters will survive without support from their friends. But a certain event will bring the gang back together.

"These characters have found so much strength and grace with each other, and intimacy, and they've become stronger people by the closeness of their relationships," Logan told Entertainment Weekly July last year. "Next season, some of them are alone, and they don't have their friends to turn to — they don't have that support. And how they're going to function out there in the world without each other is interesting."

On the romance front, the showrunner hinted there was hope for Vanessa and Ethan. "Well there's always hope, isn't there? I would hate to think there's not hope for love in this world!" Logan added.

The third instalment of Showtime's "Penny Dreadful" premieres Sunday, May 1, at 10 p.m. ET. Showtime has also released the titles for the next four episodes, and they are "Predators Far and Near," "Good and Evil Braided Be," "A Blade of Grass," and "This World is Our Hell."

Season 3 will see Patti LuPone as a series regular one and Wes Studi will play the Native American. The role of Dr. Jekyll will be essayed by Shazad Latif.

Watch the trailer for Season 3 below: