The "Gossip Girl" cast member is a bit of everything. Penn Badgley can act, sing and pursue an interest that is far from mainstream entertainment. Perhaps it is safe to say that Penn found it easy to play the role of Dan Humphrey in CW's "Gossip Girl." While Dan despised Manhattan's elite, his alter ego, Gossip Girl was an intrinsic part of New York's high society.

Penn, who has appeared in several movies such as, "John Tucker Must Die", "The Stepfather", "Easy A", "Margin Call", and "Greetings from Tim Buckley," has now pursued a career in music with his indie band, "MOTHXR."

However, the 29 year old actor will always be remembered for his role as Dan Humphrey, the outsider amongst a bunch of rich New Yorkers. Dan and Serena's (Blake Lively) relationship in "Gossip Girl" is one of those love stories that is real in many ways. Penn, who dated Blake Lively once said that his best on screen kiss was with the actress.

And on his 29th birthday, we celebrate his existence by reminiscing about some of the cutest moments between Dan (Penn Badgley) and his wife, Serena.

When Dan admitted that Serena has always been the one

Like any normal couple, Dan and Serena broke up and got back together a million times. But Dan always believed in his feelings for her.

The time Dan accepted that he dissed Serena

In the season finale, Serena finds out that Dan isn't the simple and honest boy he projects himself to be. So she's about to leave New York City but Dan tries his best not to let her leave. Talk about trying to hold on to the person you love. 

Because all they need is Apple Crisps, banana cream and milkshake to keep them happy

Remember the time when Serena got dumped by Steven over a sex tape? Well, the lonely (and still attractive) Serena sits all by herself but Dan appears out of nowhere and treats her to average fare at the diner. But they are super happy.

A vespa ride around New York City is all that Serena wanted. Dan was there to take her on a ride.

In Season 6, the sex tape continues to haunt Serena but she finds a best friend in Dan. When the two walk out of the apartment, they decide the best way to avoid everyone is by getting on a Vespa and embrace their inner hipster alter egos.

When Dad and Serena finally get married

This is perhaps one of the best moments of the show. After years of loving and hating each other, Dan and Serena are finally called husband and wife. Although the producers of the show only captured happy faces at the wedding, silence speaks a lot more than words sometimes.