Male penile erection is not always an outcome of sexual arousal. [Representational image]Reuters

Males of all ages, even those inside the womb, tend to have a morning penile erection. A new study states that the common phenomenon is completely normal and is linked to heart health.

Complex impacts of the nervous system and the endocrine system caused by the emission of hormones leads to penile erection which is medically known as "nocturnal penile tumescence."

This phenomenon is also found in females, but is not usually spoken of. It is medically termed as the "nocturnal clitoral erection."

When a male is sexually aroused, the brain creates a message which is transmitted in chemical forms to the blood supplying nerves of the penis. This causes the blood flow to the male genitalia, which gets entrapped in the muscles of the penis and expands to cause erection.

Sergio Diez Alvarez of the University of Newcastle Sergio said that the erection, which he described as 'pitching tent,' could be a system alert for men which point towards their full bladder. The erection often vanishes after the bladder is emptied in the morning, the Science World Report reported.

Male hormones like testosterone are related to triggering the erection. This action can also take place due to spinal cord's independent reflex action, without the brain being involved. This is why men tend to get erections despite not being aroused.

Erection is said to be linked with good heart health as per a report by IFL Science. It says that having a nocturnal erection is considered to be a good sign for men's health. Hence, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is extremely crucial and it is advised to avoid drinking alcohol and smoking. Following a healthy lifestyle also helps in curing erectile dysfunction and avoiding it too.