10.25 pm: Pradeep Machiraju presents the lub-dub locket to Ramya. Ramya is seen surprised. Pradeep thanks all the ladies for cooking delicious food for him.

The promo of the next episode hints that the ladies are to do some adventurous stuff to fight for their place in the show.

10.00 pm: Pradeep Machiraju tastes all the other dishes and the contestants are seen having a happy time too.

9.55 pm: Pradeep starts tasting the dishes. He is seen complementing the contestant Ramya Krishna. Ramya Krishna is happy to see Pradeep complementing her dishes.

Divya is happy after Pradeep mentions that her aloo fry tastes good.

9.50 pm: Pradeep Machiraju is seen getting excited to taste the food cooked by the ladies. Suma is seen creating fun by commenting on the ladies as how they struggled to cook food.

The ladies are seen having a good time with Suma and Pradeep Machiraju.

9. 30 pm: Today's episode begins with the ladies cooking for Pradeep Machiraju. Each contestant is seen trying to impress Pradeep with their special dishes.

Anchor Suma is seen cheering up on the contestants, as they are involved in cooking.

After Bigg Boss Telugu 2, Star Maa has come up with another unique show with Pradeep Machiraju as the main lead. With 14 ladies trying their best to pursue Pradeep for marriage, the show began on a lighter note first. Going on, it appears like the show has gained a decent pace with increasing viewership.

As there are eliminations every week, Pradeep decides which contestant is to leave the show. Pradeep Machiraju has already eliminated a contestant with whom he has a lesser connection with.

Pradeep Machiraju on Pelli Choopulu
Pradeep Machiraju on Pelli ChoopuluSnapshot of Hot Star video