Cristiano Ronaldo, Pele
Cristiano Ronaldo and Pele in an ad video for Emirates.Screenshot from Official Video

Soccer legend Pele became a victim of celebrity death hoax on Friday after CNN's New Day morning show tweeted that the 74-year-old Brazilian passed away without mentioning the cause of death.

However, Pele’s representative rubbished the tweet, saying that the soccer legend is not dead and doing well, leading to CNN pulling down the erroneous tweet. It also posted an apology for the lapse.

The death rumors of Pele, who is regarded by many football experts, critics and fans around the world as the best player of all time, came just on the heels of an ad video, where he is seen with Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo.

In a commercial for Emirates Airline, the two big names in the world of football are seen rubbing shoulders. Ronaldo is seen reading an article about himself, when he overhears fans talking about a footballer. Thinking that they were talking about him, he smiles at the flight attendants but later realizes that they were not talking about him but about Pele, who appears next to him. Coming as a saving grace, a youngster approaches Ronaldo for a picture, and it was Pele who was behind the camera this time.

The ad video uploaded by Emirates with the description “Who is the greatest footballer of all time? Join two football greats, Pele and Cristiano Ronaldo as they connect with fans in the Emirates A380 Onboard Lounge”, has gone viral, getting over 500,000 hits in just one day.

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