Pehredar Piya Ki
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Sony TV's new show Pehredar Piya Ki which went on air on July 17, has been hitting the headlines because of its 'unusual' love story between a nine-year-old boy, Ratan Singh (Afaan Khan) and 18-year-old girl, Diya (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar). The show also stars popular actor Suyyash Rai.

In the first two episodes, the 9-year-old kid was seen to be stalking a grown-up girl and involving in some adult conversations. Even in the promo, Ratan was seen putting vermilion (sindoor) on the female protagonist's head and saying they look perfect together.

Pehredar Piya Ki narrates story of a woman married to 10-year-old child; will viewers accept such content?

While some liked the story and claimed that such practices were prevalent in certain parts of India, others found it unethical and have slammed the makers for its regressive and cringy content.

Also, popular television actor Karan Wahi too criticised the makers for producing such regressive content.

When asked about the criticism that the show has been receiving after its promo went on air, Tejaswi told India Forums: "I feel the concept of the show has totally been misunderstood. However, I actually like the reaction. At least, there is a reaction and I am glad they have bothered to give their opinions on the same. I am a person who has always appreciated criticism and I am happy that the respective people are being honest about what they feel and that is what we want. Honesty is the feedback we wanted and we are actually glad we have received that."

Pehredar Piya Ki
Pehredar Piya KiYou Tube Screenshot

She further added: "Having said that, now that they have said all this, I would like to know their opinion after they watch the show. I am absolutely certain that they will get the answer to all their questions and they will love the show as much as I do."

Check out some negative comments on Pehredar Piya Ki:

Nachta Lattu: "@SonyTV What wer u thinking while conceptualizing & shooting "pehredarpiyaki". I hope dat child doesnt grow up 2 b psychologically impaired"

Aishwarya B: "Don't want to comment so soon on #PehredarPiyaKi"

Toral: "Wondering how parents of child actor agree fr such a show #PehredarPiyaKi"

Aparna‏: "Where is the censor board now? #PehredarPiyaKi"

Cowanbrina: "And if a snake marries a men omg the best show on telvision #PehredarPiyaKi"

Kashika Saxena: "Why the hell is it called Pehredar PIYA ki? A 9-year-old cannot be anyone's piya, or lover. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS. Why is Sony airing it?"

M‏: "@SonyTV please spare us the trailers of the creepy child husband show. 'Pehredar piya ki' . It's appalling n getting on our nerves"

vipul desai: "@SonyTV plz don't telecast Tv series like #PehredarPiyaKi. It will promote child marriage. There are too many concept of Nice social msg."