Peggle 2
Peggle 2 releases in December 2013. (

Developer, PopCap's arcade puzzle video game, Peggle 2 is set to puzzle Xbox One gamers as it hit shelves on 9 December 2013. 

The game is an improvement of its previous instalment, Peggle, where a gamer gets fixated on it once he picks up the game and gets involved with simple goals like hitting all the orange pegs on a board, gaining points and waiting for the rewards. The game has been rated as "the top 5 most addictive games of all time," MSNBC reported.


Players have to hit all the orange pegs on a board with 10 balls during which they will encounter numerous obstacles. The gameplay will be similar to Peggle as all the pegs have to be destroyed to move to the next level. Players will also get free ball buckets and purple pegs that will multiply the scores. The green pegs are for activation of special abilities of the players. Players can make use of helpers like unicorn and troll, a beer-drinker to clear levels.


Bjorn, the unicorn is the only master returning to the game from the original. The masters will have emotive responses based on how a player is progressing, IGN reported, after trying out the game. Bjorn's horn reportedly gives a thumbs-up when the player hits a great shot.

Peggle 2
Peggle 2 releases in December 2013. (

Peggle 2 has several new masters entering the game, with their own fanfare music and power-ups. These masters are all customizable with new outfits that will add up to how they animate.

The masters are:

  • Jeffrey the Lazy Troll, who gets nervous when there are a few balls left. Its power-up is a huge bowling ball, 'bowlder' that will clear paths, shooting down the pegs.
  • Berg the Yeti gets activated when players hit the green peg and will work for the next shot too. When activated, the whole board gets frozen and players have to push the pegs below, while shooting the peg high.
  • Gnorman the Gnome is a master in a funny robot suit that gets activated when the green peg is hit. Its power up is the Ubervolt, which terminates the two pegs near the hit area.
  • Luna, is the cute looking un-dead master. Her power-up is the Nightshade, which floats throughs the blue ball and bounces on the orange ones, when shot. When the power up disappears, the blue pegs will not appear again and this will allow players to make ways to reach some of the far away orange pegs.
Peggle 2
Peggle 2 releases in December 2013. (

 There are 10 themed levels for each master with different sounds emanating in each level that are based on the pegs being cleared and it builds up into fanfare music when all are cleared. Each level consists of three objectives.

The five masters will have a campaign of their own with ten stages and each level consisting of three objectives.

Peggle 2 has Celestial Realm that has 10 of the hardest levels in the entire game. Any master can be used here. This level tests the player's Peggle skill.

Two new pegs - armored peg requiring two hits and pinball-style bumper that deals the ball at high speed have been introduced.

The game has 60 trial levels with unique challenges. These are like tutorials teaching how to play and how to use the power-ups.


The game will set back buyers by $11.99.

(YouTube Courtesy: PopCapChannel)