Samsung Galaxy S3
There are areas that can be improved if the Korea-based company is working on the successor or the Galaxy S4.Samsung

Smartphone major Samsung announced that the all new Galaxy S3 pebble blue 32 GB Developer Edition will soon hit shelves with a price tag of $599 sans the contract.

According to previous reports, the Developer Edition was due to hit Verizon network in the US. It's reported that the Verizon version will be sold directly through Samsung's online store and not through the carrier.

Earlier in May, the company had reportedly destroyed close to 600,000 pebble blue battery covers belonging to the Samsung Galaxy S3, which allegedly did not meet the Korean manufacturer's high quality standards.

Besides the standard 4.8-inch display, HD Super AMOLED display, 8-megapixel camera and digital optical zoom 4xsupport, the new pebble blue version will arrive with the user unlockable bootloader feature. While it should be noted, Verizon is the only US carrier that sells the smartphone with a locked boot-loader, and its typical 32 GB versions cost $649. The main reason why Verizon locks its boot-loader is to prevent users from negatively altering the experience through modifications. Also the wireless signal's can be affected. Should tampering with the device lead to unresponsiveness, the handset will not be covered by warranty.

Meanwhile, Samsung has gone all guns blazing by selling close to 7 million handsets, and are expecting to sell close to 15 million Galaxy S3 devices in the next quarter alone.