Payday 2
Payday 2 gets new Death Wish update.Facebook

Payday 2, the FPS video game from developer, Overkill Software and publisher, 505 Games where players can rob banks with their friends in the game has a new Death Wish update that brings in new level of difficulty, two new enemy types, four new masks and 35 new unlockable achievements. The update is already live on Steam. 

This is a free update and will introduce a new difficulty level where players can explore the Death Wish difficulty for every heist. The Death Wish will be introducing destructible bridges and added skylights to buildings.

Two new enemy types namely, Gensec Elite SWAT team and Elite Bulldozer will make their entry challenging you and your friends in the game. The Bulldozer uses a light machine gun as their chief weapon, said the post on Steam.

Players will also be earning four new masks if they complete the various difficulty levels interspersed in the game and it starts from the hard difficulty. Players must be able to defeat their enemies in the progression of hard>very hard> Overkill> Death Wish and they will be eligible for the four masks that resemble an imaginative Devil's face.

This is only the second update to Payday 2 which will also be bringing free melee weapon - a pair of "350K" brass knuckles and 35 unlockable achievements. The "350K" refers to the 350,000 community members on Steam. There has been no information suggesting that even console gamers will get this content, presently.

Payday 2 is a sequel of Payday. The game along with the Heist was released on 13 August, 2013 for PC. The game has sold 1.58 million copies until September 2013.

(YouTube Courtesy: OVERKILLSoftwareTM)