Keeping its May promise of making the checkout process easier while making payments through Android devices, Google has rolled out a new payment solution called 'Pay with Google' on Monday in addition to Google's other payments solutions - Android Pay and Google Tez.

Pay with Google
Pay with Google as shown on Google Payment Solutions pageGoogle

The new feature which is currently available for mobile apps and Chrome lets users simply select the preferred credit or debit card that they gave Google when setting up Google Play, YouTube, Chrome or Android Pay, and authenticate the purchase with a security code or their Android device and then checkout.

Apart from making the checkout process faster and more hassle-free, Google aims to increase conversions for retailers with the launch, by allowing users to select any payment card that they have on file with Google, rather than those specifically saved to Android Pay. 'Pay with Google' is also expected to ease online shopping via Google Assistant.

"Payments is a key capability of the user's Google account. Our goal is to enable users to pay with their Google account across devices, platforms and interfaces," Pali Bhat, Global Head of Payments products at Google told TechCrunch.

As of now, 'Pay with Google' works within mobile apps and Chrome browser, however, that it will be available on other browsers in the future.

"We are starting with Chrome but plan to bring this experience to other browsers as well," he added.

Additionally, Google has partnered with more than 40 payments providers including PayPal-owned Braintree, Stripe, Vantiv, WorldPay, Adyen and Paysafe among others - to make integrations simpler for merchants who want to offer "Pay with Google."

As of now, the service is currently available only in the US at select outlets of Doordash, Instacart, Kayak, Eat24, Postmates and Wish, with other merchants like Airbnb, Papa John's, StarHub and many others likely to join the list soon.

How does 'Pay with Google' work?

The 'Pay with Google' payment service is based on Google's Payment API which was introduced at the Google I/O developer conference in May this year.

The feature essentially uses your payment data such as a credit card that you gave when setting up Google products like Google Play, YouTube, Chrome or Android Pay which are backed by Google Payment API technology.

The 'Pay by Google' feature will unify all the data into a single interface and you will be presented with a list of payment cards saved in your Google account. All you have to do is tap the card that you want to use and Google sends this information along with your shipping details to the merchant, who will handle the rest of the transaction – meaning that you won't have to re-enter your card details or shipping address every time you make an online payment using 'Pay with Google.'