Every year, when major gaming events like the E3 or Gamescom hit the town, usually all the 'smaller' companies, compared to the likes of Microsoft, Sony and others, are often overshadowed. The deal was somewhat similar with the recently held PAX event, held in Seattle.

There were a host of announcements made by a number of companies at the event, and while all of them may not have that big company tag on them, they were still pretty intense and deserved more recognition than they actually got.

So, barring all the big names in the industry at this year's PAX, here's a look at all those details and announcements that you may have missed out on.

Final Fantasy XV coming in 2016

Final Fantasy fans have been in a never-ending wait, as far as the revamped single-player edition of the title is concerned. At the event, Square Enix promised fans that the game will come out in the next 15 months, and as of now, a probable 2016 release seems legit for Final Fantasy XV.

Xbox One Bundle with Elite Controller

At the event, Microsoft's new Xbox One bundle was revealed. Set to be available for $500 in the US (Europe still hangs in the balance), the Xbox One Elite Bundle will include the new, more powerful Elite Controller (retailing for $150, alone) as well as a 1TB hard drive. There is also a solid-state hybrid storage drive that Microsoft claims will allow the console to boot up "up to 20 percent faster" than current models.

Borderlands: The Movie

We have been hearing about a new movie based on the crazy Borderlands series for quite some time, but at this year's PAX, the movie iteration of it was finally brought out in the open. Lionsgate's Patrick Wachsberger and Rob Friedman announced the acquisition of the Borderlands IP at PAX 2015, with superhero movie produced Avi Arad also in the mix. We still await a solid release date for the movie, though.

Delay for XCOM 2

While the eagerly-anticipated PC exclusive XCOM 2, the high-profile sequel to XCOM: Enemy Unknown, was previously slated for a November release this year, it now seems like the game has been treated to a slight delay, with a 5, February, 2016 release.

Big Street Fighter 5 Announcement

Capcom's upcoming Street Fighter title – Street Fighter 5 – is already in the pipeline. And to commemorate the arrival of the title, Capcom revealed the contents that fans will be able to access on either pre-ordering the game or choosing the content-heavy Collector's Edition. Customers, depending on where they pre-order the game, will get special "Battle Costumes" for either Ryu, Chun-Li, M. Bison or Cammy. If you choose to pre-purchase a physical version of the game, know that the Collector's Edition packs the game disc, a 10-inch Ryu statue, a 48-page hardcover art book, download codes for Street Fighter comics, a soundtrack sampler featuring some of Street Fighter's best songs, and a one-month subscription to Capcom's Twitch channel.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Techradar]