Popular Telugu actor Pawan Kalayan has said his new political outfit "Jana Sena" would serve the common people, protect women and fight corruption. The newly launched party is to render its service to all Indians, he stated, while officially launching the party amid loud cheers from his fans, at a private hotel in Madhapur, Hyderabad on 14 March. 

Pawan is the youngest brother of K Chiranjeevi, Union Tourism Minister in the Congress-led UPA government. 

From the dais, the 'power star' saluted thousands of fans at the program and also the numerous people watching the live programme in front of TV sets. Pawan said that he will dare to fight corruption and the attrocities towards people. 

He made it clear that he is not angry with his brother Chiranjeevi. But he was quick to add that the present political situation in the state forced him to launch the new party. He blamed Congress party leaders in Delhi for the launch of his new party, purportedly against the wish of Chiranjeevi. 

"The situation has forced me to stand here (to launch Jana Sena). I would have contested as an MLA with Praja Rajyam at the maximum," Deccan Chronicle quoted him. Chiranjeevi merged Prajarajyam with Congress in February 2011, and became the union minister. 

At this point, to calm down his overwhelmed fans, Pawan kept quite till they become silent. 

Pawan straightaway attacked Congress leader Digvijay Singh for asking him to merge his party with Congress after some time. He said that the Congress is not Ganga river to merge everything. Stating he was not sure whether or not to enter politics till a few days back, he revealed he registered the party just two days ago.  

Pawan categorically stated that the country and the society is more important to him than his family. He said he initially thought of naming his party as "Common Man Protection Force" but later decided on Jana Sena.

He also emphasised that he is not only stands for Telangana but also has ample respect for the Seemandhra region.

At the venue, his fans waved the party flags and the party's theme song was played continually. The fans shouted the slogan: "Jai Pawan, Jai Jana Sena." The program organisers had also provided private security to Image Gardens in the city, where lunch was served to the fans. About 300 private security guards and 200 police constables were deployed at Image Gardens.

The party launch dais was designed by noted art director Anand Sai. It is said that invitations were sent to about 500 VIPs and 2,500 fans.