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Paul Walker's girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard Gosnell is reportedly attending grief counseling sessions, five months after the tragic death of "Fast & Furious" actor. 

Gosnell's father Casey Gosnell recently revealed that his daughter is in immense pain since Walker's death. 

"You have to understand that she is still terribly wounded by Paul's death and will be for a long time. Maybe one day she'll be ready to talk about Paul but she's not there yet. She's trying to deal with her loss - it's been very hard for her. But she has her family and we're trying to help and support her as much as we can," Daily Mail quoted Casey.

Walker passed away on Nov 30 while coming back from a charity event. His car hit electric pole and burst into flames leaving Walker's body badly burnt and injured.  

Walker had never spoken much about his girlfriend to the media and even Jasmine has never gone public about her relationship with the actor. However, after Walker's death she did post a message on her Facebook page that read: "Every day, in some small way, memories of you come our way. Though absent, you are ever near, still missed, still I will always love you. Rest in Peace. Love..."

Jasmine reportedly met Walker when she was 16-year-old and was in a relationship with him for seven long years till the actor met his maker last year.

She is currently spending time with her family in Goleta and is trying to come to terms with Walker's death.

Walker's untimely death in California left his fans and family in shock. Before the tragic event, Walker had already filmed the major part of his scenes in "Fast & Furious 7". Now his brothers Caleb and Cody will be working as body doubles to complete the remaining scenes.

"Fast & Furious 7" is all set to release on April 9, 2015.