Paul Walker
Paul Walker.Reuters

A photograph taken by an ardent Paul Walker fan, a couple of months before the accident that claimed the actor's life, might have foretold the "Fast and Furious" star's death, claims report.

Soon after Walker's death on 30 November last year, following a car crash at Santa Clarita in California, a Reddit user posted on the forum, a detailed description of meeting the actor. The fan even posted a photograph of him posing with Walker, and according to John D Moore of Psych Central, the photo foretold Walker's death.

The photo in question was taken in Atlanta where the Fast and the Furious crew were shooting the seventh instalment of the series.

"At first, the photo does not seem that remarkable … until you look at it more closely," wrote Moore, adding: "It was taken at the restaurant Six Feet Under, which is on a street called Memorial Drive. In the background, you will see a number of headstones that dot the famous Oakland Cemetery. The photo has been confirmed with the restaurant's manager."

Also, the T-shirt the fan was wearing belongs to the clothing line, Selfless Murder Clothing.

Recalling more about his last meeting with Walker, who would have turned 41 this 12 September, the Reddit user wrote that Walker "was constantly smiling and laughing and just seemed like a really happy and genuine dude."

"He ordered a Corona and I started laughing. We didn't really talk about the films, but he knew I was a big fan. Paul told me that his daughter was coming in that night to hang out with him. Everyone else in his crew was going out that night, but he seemed more excited about seeing his child than anything else," the fan wrote.

Reports have it that Walker had planned to spend more time with his daughter, post turning 40, as he felt he missed out on being a father due to his commitment to movies.
Soon after the actor's death, Walker's father told the media that his son wanted to take a hiatus from the movies to be with his daughter.

"'I want to take a hiatus, she's just 15 and I don't have much more time to be with her," Walker reportedly told his father about his daughter, Meadow, according to Sky.