Miley Cyrus' Boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger to Lose $49 million Trust Fund Over Relationship
Miley CyrusReuters

Expressing their displeasure at Patrick Schwarzennegger's relationship with pop star Miley Cyrus, the family of the model/actor has banned his "Wrecking ball" girlfriend from attending his sister's 25th birthday party.

It has also been learnt that Patrick's mother, Maria Shriver – who is the niece of former U.S. President John F. Kennedy, has prohibited Cyrus from attending their annual Kennedy Christmas party. Maria was not happy with Patrick's relationship with the controversial singer from the very beginning.

"Maria doesn't want her there and won't budge. She doesn't think it's appropriate to have Miley around the rest of the Kennedy family. Patrick insists on having her there –– or he will not come," a friend told Life & Style.

It seems like the Schwarzeneggers didn't take the couple's Miami wedding rumours too well.

Katherine Schwarzenegger's birthday was celebrated 13 December and family and friends were invited – which means it certainly wasn't a private event. However, Cyrus was nowhere to be found. A source close to the couple told that Patrick's mother sat down and discussed a few things with him like spending more time on school and family.

"[The family] had a big party on the weekend for his sisters birthday and Mileywas not invited. I'm sure it caused tension for them because there were a lot of people there, it wasn't just family. If he was with his ex she would have been welcome but not Miley. That couldn't have been easy," the source said.

The family feels that Cyrus is not up to the mark to fit among their family members.

Meanwhile, reports stating Cyrus' ex-boyfriend Liam Hemsworth still cares for her have surfaced. He reportedly is concerned about 'We Can't Stop' singer's well-being. Hemsworth believes that Schwarzenegger might be using Cyrus for publicity.