Keerthan Shetty

From flipping burgers at McDonald's in India's Silicon Valley (Bangalore) to heading business development at India's cryptocurrency exchange Bitbns, college dropout Keerthan Shetty has seen it all. Shetty is currently part of Chromia, a relational blockchain platform focused on making an impact in the metaverse through blockchain innovations.Metaverse games like My Neighbor Alice, Mines of Dalarnia are part of the Chromia Ecosystem. He currently contributes to Business Development and partnerships at the company.

When asked about his secret sauce of success that keeps him going from one milestone to another, he has a one-word answer: Patience. According to him, human beings are impatient by nature, and patience is a counter-intuitive behavior that you can develop with conscious practice.

He believes patience helps you persist and persevere to overcome a challenging task against all odds. He loves to quote Teddy Roosevelt, who famously said: "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Especially for technology entrepreneurs, blockchain innovators, and crypto investors, here's how he says patience can unlock the doors to incredible success.

Acting Thoughtfully Instead of Hastily

Hasty decision-making can prove extremely costly, whether you are an entrepreneur, an investor, or a technocrat. Patience is the most valuable virtue that will prevent you from making disastrous decisions in haste and help you think through all the pros and cons before making a move.

Sharpening Your Focus and Commitment

He says that patience gives you a high degree of mental resilience when faced with challenges from all directions and helps you keep your head together when everyone else around you is losing theirs. You will hit the bull's eye when you can maintain a single-minded focus amid noise and distractions.

Earning Respect and Building a Reputation

The litmus test of patience, in his experience, is when one of your employees, customers, vendors, or anyone else associated with you makes a mistake or does something that hurts you. With patience, not only can you salvage a bad situation, but you will also win the other party's respect forever. That's how great reputations are built, he says.

Choosing the Greatest Opportunities

He uses a famous analogy of Warren Buffett, who said that opportunities are like pitches in a baseball game. You don't have to swing at every pitch. If you have the patience to wait for the perfect pitch that comes right in your sweet spot, you will hit the ball out of the park.

Finally, he likes to remind people that Rome was not built in a day – it takes patience to build a glorious empire. But Hiroshima was destroyed in a day – that's what one impatient decision can do to your life and career.