Samsung Galaxy S3
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In a bid to strengthen its position further as the smartphone leader, the Apple.Inc moved a federal court in a separate case against Galaxy S3 claiming that it had infringed on its patents.

The Cupertino tech giant on Friday asked the court to add four more products of the Samsung to the checklist; those which the Apple says breached the patent norms, including Galaxy S3 and galaxy Note.

The latest reports suggested that if the court rules that the said devices have ripped off Apple's patent features, than it would impose a temporary sales ban on the Samsung products even before the case comes up for the hearing.

In February, Apple alleged that at least 17 Samsung products infringed its patents. In a court filing made in San Jose federal court on Friday, Apple added four more products to the list of allegedly infringing products that have been released beginning August 2011 and continuing through the month.

Apple has been working towards blotting out its South Korean rival products from the world's biggest mobile market - US - following its last week's resounding victory over the Samsung in a high-stake patent dispute.

Last week, a US District Court ruled in favour of Apple, while directing the Samsung to pay over $1 billion penalty to the iPhone maker in damages for patent infringement. The jury ruled that South Korean tech giant has copied critical features of the hugely popular iPhone and iPad.

Although, Samsung's flagship Galaxy S3 phone was not included in the earlier trial, the jury validated Apple's patents on features and design elements that the US company could then try to wield against that device. Apple may not have to seek a new trial over the S3 but can include it in a "contempt proceeding" that moves much faster, according to legal experts.

On the other hand, South Korean electronic power house is not ready to concede its defeat to US-based rival. Samsung vowed to fight back the litigations and take all necessary measures to ensure its products are available on the racks for grabs.  

Earlier in a statement on US court ruling, Samsung accused Apple that "its primary means to competition has been the outright abuse of patent law, not the pursuit of innovation."

Samsung and Apple have filed several patent cases in various countries.

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