Hera Seoul Fashion Week. Picture for representation purpose.
Hera Seoul Fashion Week. Picture for representation purpose.Getty Images

K-fashion has picked up pace with the start of Seoul Fashion Week. The esteemed show is falling in line with the much acclaimed Paris Fashion week drawing designers from all over the world; throbbing to showcase their quirky designs.

The essence of Korean fashion is displayed by the style icons of K-pop, from bright shades and mixed ensemble to the delicate doll looks, Koreans have tried them all. Korean teens can often be found wearing sneakers for a date night or track pants for movies, with a proper ensemble outfit that looks chic and trendy. Here are some must haves if you wish to follow some K-fashion.

Distressed Jeans

K-fashion folks take their distressed look seriously. It can easily be modified as a day wear when paired with a tee or a trendy nightwear paired with a crop top and ounces of attitude.

Pastel Shades:

K-fashion uses a lot of breezy pastel shades. It is light on the eye and gives a youthful cute appearance. Pastel shades are mixed together and it goes well with the baby doll makeup.

Combination of dress over blouse:

The 90s trend of wearing a dress over a blouse is making a comeback yet again. Koreans are, however, not comfortable with plunging necklines. The blouse-dress combination gives a sophisticated look and is often paired with boots.

Schoolgirl look:

School wear has transformed into a cuter modern look with this trend. To ace the look you need an A-line skirt paired with button down shirt or sleeved tops, beret and ballerinas.

Couple look:

It is difficult to spot single men or woman on the streets of Seoul. Instead, you will easily spot couples wearing matching tees or hats. Though it sounds quirky, the couple trend looks simple and cute.

Hip-hop trend:

Hip-hop trend refers to anything made famous by hip hop bands. The basic style necessities are baggy shirts; harem pants, shiny caps and sneakers. The trend goes well with a huge golden bling.

Apart from these trends, oversized sweaters and pullovers are common too. When paired with sneakers and accessories, these styles become a fashion trend. With K-pop and K-drama making its way into most households, K-fashion is soon to catch up with the teens.