Spice Jet
Spice Jet

All passengers on board a Dubai-Amritsar SpiceJet flight were deplaned at Amritsar's Guru Ram Das Jee International Airport on Thursday after a suspicious bag was found in the aircraft. The airlines has now clarified that it was an unaccompanied bag of a passenger who could not board the flight. 

The flight was SpiceJet Flight 56, which arrived on Thursday morning at 8.51 a.m. in Amritsar.

A search was conducted on the flight after authorities received a call from Dubai alerting them about the bag on the flight. The information about the suspicious baggage came through an anonymous caller, police sources said.

A bomb disposal team inspected the bag after the flight was taken to the isolation bay. All flight operations were suspended at the airport. The bomb disposal team inspected the bag and gave a clearance later. 

SpiceJet issued a statement later in the day: 

"On July 21, 2016 a passenger Ms. Idinirinkarlina Btnanang (holding Indonesian passport) travelling on SG 056, Dubai to Amritsar did not board the aircraft after clearing Immigration, security check and boarding. She reported back after one hour of the flight departure. Dubai Airport officials informed the Pilot in Command about the unaccompanied checked in baggage on board and the pilot in command requested the Amritsar ATC officials for Isolated parking stand. The baggage of Ms Idinirinkarlina Btnanang has been identified and will be handed over to her/relevant authorities. The false alarm due to the miscommunication caused inconvenience to the passengers, which is deeply regretted."