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Actress Parvathy lashes out at media for publishing fake news stories about her.Facebook

For the last couple of days, netizens have poured in a lot of praise on actress Parvathy Thiruvothu for slamming Arjun Reddy's character in front of Vijay Deverakonda who portrayed it on screen. Many women have taken to social media agreeing with Parvathy. They are happy that finally, someone has finally said what they also want to say.

At the same time, a few of them are unhappy with Parvathy for using 'bipolar disorder' casually while talking in the interview. Before discussing that, let us take a look at where it started. What Parvathy said is, "...We can watch a tragedy and leave it there, without feeling inspired to follow it. Whereas if you're telling there is no passion in a relationship without slapping each other and I see the comments on YouTube where people are resonating and engaging with that, you can see, engaging with that in a massive, mob-like manner. Where you're inciting violence and I think this is like bipolar behaviour."

Vijay Deverakonda, Parvathy
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Parvathy explains situation

The video clip of what Parvathy spoke in the interview is all over social media and Twitter user Divya Kandukuri, on her handle, wrote, "Okay ya'all Parvathy is definitely rocking it here but DID SHE JUST SAY "THAT'S A BIPOLAR BEHAVIOUR?!" - Sorry i couldn't continue watching it post that." (sic)

To this, Paravathy replied, "Hi Divya! Came across this comment. Thank you! It was a wrong choice of words and I stand corrected. This is important as I myself have been trying to unlearn usages that allow using grave mental disabilities as a mere "adjective" to explain a situation...." (sic) The actress gave an explanation on what she wanted to convey and what made her use that word in that situation there.

She added, "When a movie strikes with the audience for all the right reasons and gets a mass following. And the other, when a movie connects with the audience for toxic elements and thereby not only reveals the actual shocking reality of a larger mindset but also glorifies/encourages it. As I said, thank you for bringing it to my notice. We learn -unlearn- learn, encore!" (sic)